We have listed the best places to buy cheap dirt bikes and pit bikes for sale. The prices vary between $120 for an electric dirt bike for kids to around $1,500 for the most expensive models. We have taken into account prices, quality, range of products, shipping and customer support of the places that sells dirtbikes, all of whch are important aspects of consideration when buying a new or used ride. Simply scroll down to see which online store that fits your needs the best!

50cc Dirt Bikes

110cc Dirt Bikes

200cc Dirt Bikes

70cc Dirt Bikes

125cc Dirt Bikes

250cc Dirt Bikes

90cc Dirt Bikes

150cc Dirt Bikes

Electric Dirt Bikes

Top 3 Places To Buy Cheap Dirt Bikes For Sale

1. Megamotormadness.com

Mega Motor Madness has a wide variety of motorcycles and cheap dirt bikes of high quality ranging between $399-$1,459. They have a few electric dirt bikes as well as kids dirt bikes for sale. If you are looking for mini bikes, we would instead recommend Bike Berry (scroll down for further information).

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2. Bikeberry.com

Bikeberry has mostly mini dirt bikes and pocket bikes for sale. This may be a good place to go if you are looking for a dirtbike for your kid. They don’t have that many products to choose from but the ones they have are of great quality and prices varies between $349-$379. Their shipping is mostly on time and their support is very nice.

Go To Bike Berry

3. Pocketbikecanada.ca

Pocket Bike Canada has very few dirt bike models to chose from, but the ones they have are of great quality and they are quite low cost dirtbikes as well. They have a very easy-to-navigate website and a very nice customer support. Their prices ranging between $899-$1,299.

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Ajp CCM Husaberg Pitster Pro Whizzer
Alta Christini Husqvarna Polaris Xingyue
Apollo Chopper Cobra Hyosung Roketa Yamaha
Aprilia Coolster Indian Sherco
Baja Custom KTM Slingshot
BMW Ducati Kawasaki Ssr Motorsports
Beta Excelsior-Henderson Kymco Suzuki
Bimota Gas Gas Maico Taotao
Bultaco Harley-Davidson Oset Triumph
Can-Am Honda Other Ubco

More About Dirt Bikes

Dirt bike racing is a really fun sport for everybody who is thrilled by speed and doesn’t mind getting somewhat messy. However, it’s important to bear in mind certain crucial considerations such as the dirt bike’s size, the budget you have and more, when choosing racing dirt bikes. It won’t result into much fun if you make wrong selection of off road motorcycles when you get a machine that is either too big or too small for the intended use as this would result to major issues. Always keep in mind that there are way too many motorcycles there, and while this suits everyone just fine, there is always a need to choose what works best for your very specific plan for use. If you want to fly across trails for you, there are choices that give you an opportunity to do that. If you are the subtle, laid back rider, then there is also something for you. All you need to do is look hard enough and stick within the confines of your needs as well as projected purchasing plan.

Pit Bikes

An increasing number of motocross enthusiasts are getting crazy about pit bikes. While these smaller versions of the full size dirt bikes aren’t new, their popularity is rapidly growing as more people appreciate how fun it is riding them. The miniature dirt bikes were initially designed to maneuver around the pits and that’s how they got their name pit bikes. You can get cheap pit bikes that are versatile, convenient and a whole lot of fun. Both new and used pit bikes will not offer gnarly speeds, and even though you can get a pit bike engine as big as 250cc, the torque is largely absent.

Dirt Bikes For Kids

If you’re shopping for your kids, the rule of thumb here is to shun big. Don’t go for a bigger machine simply because your kid wants to be a hero in the playing field. A dirt bike with a small size and a smaller engine size such as a 49cc dirt bike or a 50cc would be perfect for a beginner. As your kid’s prowess in riding increases, then you can consider getting him or her a 70cc, or 80cc, or a 90cc. Importantly, whether you opt for a cheap one that are pre-owned or if you visit your nearest shop for new dirtbikes, be sure to test ride it before purchasing. This is because a 50cc dirt bike may be too small for your kid while the 100cc dirt bike or 110cc may be too big.


Electric dirt bikes are plug-in dirt bikes that are powered by electricity. They have a rechargeable battery on board that store the electricity. There’re more than a few manufacturers of electric dirt bike including Victory Motorcycles, Electric Motorsport, Yo, Hollywood Electrics and Rondine Motor among others. Kids can also enjoy playing outdoors with a wide range of electric dirtbike for kids available in the market.

Pocket Bikes/Minimoto

Pocket bikes or sometimes called minibikes or minimoto are quite small bikes, often made for and used by kids. They mostly use a two-stroke engine and chain drive and are used on kart racing or pocket racing tracks. The sizes varies but are mostly small and between 39-50cc and horsepower between 4.5-6.


Yamaha produces a wide range of dirt bikes in many sizes including 125cc, 250cc, 150cc dirt bike, 125 and 250 models among others. Whether you want new Yamaha dirt bikes or used motocross bikes from the company, many motorcycle dealers will get you what you want. Parts and accessories for Yamaha are also readily available.

2 Stroke or 4 Stroke

There are several basic differences between 2 stroke dirtbikes and 4 stroke. Understanding these differences can be crucial when looking. Firstly, a two-stroke bike requires less maintenance, it is lighter, more agile as well as less expensive compared to a 4 stroke bike. Additionally, a 2 stroke bike has better power bands as you can actually feel the massive power. On the other hand, 4 stroke bikes have predictable power, they’re easier for novices to ride and even though 4 stroke engines have longer life spans, they require more maintenance.


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