Buying a scooter can be tricky, there are several key points to consider. Whether you are looking for a used scooter for sale or wish to buy a new scooter, eBay may be a good place to start. Dispite their reputation of only handling the second hand market, they offer a wide variety of brands and types of scooters as well.


Where To Buy A Scooter: Key Considerations

gas motor scooters for saleKnow What You Want

Before you start to think of where to purchase it, first know exactly what you want. Most choices are determined by cost and style. Nobody wants to appear old school but ensure you buy what you can handle. It is advisable to start with a 250 cc scooter before you scale higher. Do you want it for a short time or you want to maintain it till your kids get to use it? Also, check how much space you have for its parking and the security in your area. Many users want a pillar on which to lock their bikes.


There are many outlets that have specialized in the sale of bikes but it is imperative to know which sellers will give you a good deal. The best place to buy is one that is secure, accepts the payment methods available to you, allows negotiations and has a reputation of selling quality products for a long period. It is not advisable to visit a newly opened outlet just because you see lots of trendy bikes there. The business could be illegal. They may not be selling genuine products. They may have many electric scooters for sale whose quality is a big doubt, so you need to look around with a sly eye.

Scooter Cost

Market research indicates that potential buyers are more convinced by price than anything else. Look for an affordable dealer who has the product you want. Exorbitant pricing is annoying but don’t let this compromise the quality of the gas, motor or electric bike you are looking for. Informed decisions are key before you embark on riding a bike into your home. Look out for dealers who offer a warranty for any bike bought from their shop. This will cover damages to your bike that do not arise from human effort but from the manufacturer. Won’t you be happy to get a new motorized scooter for free when the one you bought develops engine problems that you cannot explain? Read more about warranty on scooters.


You can find used scooters for sale but think about the extent of depreciation the machine has undergone. A poorly managed machine could break down any time and force you to take it to a repair center where costs will escalate. Eventually the total amount of cash you spent on it surpasses the amount you could have used to buy a new one. In addition, the life span of an old machine is shorter than one you picked directly from the store with zero mileage.

Always make sure your bike is in excellent riding condition before you leave the shop. Look out for dealers who offer a free road test on a number of bikes. Avoid regrets at all costs. Don’t be in a big hurry to enjoy a ride from your new pick and overlook obvious red flags.

Buying Scooters Online: What You Need To Know

cheap used mopeds for saleThe internet is full of online dealers. Be keen to buy from a dealer with a good track record. A recommendation from a friend is a good purchasing idea. eBay, for example, has a reputation of selling quality products with a 100 percent guarantee that the product will get to you in good working condition. Find an eBay dealer who will give you a warranty. You can also go for a brick and mortar storewhere your wheels will be protected against punctures arising from cemented or tiled floors.

All scooters manufactured in foreign markets are designed and packaged for shipping along very long distances. Ensure that the dealer from whom you buy is the same party that packages, ships and delivers your bike at your location.

Most online dealers sell products at eBay prices because the business model does not call for the overhead costs of retail stores. The lowest price including (shipping and delivery to your station) is below USD900 for small to medium engine bikes like a 150cc scooter. Medium to large engine bikes will cost you something in the region of USD1200.

Since the dealer does the entire online purchasing process, the warranty that comes with your product will be issued by them and not the manufacturer. One advantage of online dealers is that they have a wide variety of bikes from which you can choose from. They deal with many manufactures who create varying designs, types, sizes and styles. They have everything you need. They are patient enough to let you explain in detail what you exactly need before giving you a dozen options that fit both your wallet and lifestyle. E-commerce has been a success to many clients and sellers for a long time now and scooter sales are not exempted.


This is a question you pose from time to time, and it never gets old. You will enter a scooter store, see all offers and still have the same question lingering in your mind. You may either want a 50cc scooter that looks like a motorcycle or a Schwinn stealth 1000 electric scooter for sale. At times you might even be tempted to go for both. You may also be specifically looking for an Electra Scoot-N-Go Electric Scooter for sale but take months to actually make the move.

There is actually no straight answer that is universal. No single answer applies to every buyer. This is because buyers exist in different locations that that do not share a common culture, language, lifestyle, economic status, beliefs and values. A resident of Sydney may find online purchasing very successful, and keep buying bikes worth USD 3000 because it matches their lifestyle. The same way, someone who lives in Abidjan will find e-commerce hectic and time wasting and go ahead and purchase a USD250 scooter that satisfies their demand.

People living in countries that take climate change seriously won’t waste time reviewing motor scooters because they directly contribute to the amount of carbon IV oxide in the biosphere. Their governments have regulations to minimize global warming. Other countries cannot survive without motor bikes just because they are cheaper than other means of travel and recreation.

The decision on the best product to purchase is based on a number of factors-what you want, what product reviews say, what is available, the price, ease of transaction, security, and after sales services.

You may need a bike that you can take to racing competitions but find it unavailable in all stores you visit. This will force you to change your preferences and buy a similar one that may not be as good as the one you were originally looking for.

At other times, buyers may negotiate with online dealers till they settle on a price. A new challenge come up might then come up-the buyer can only transact through something like Western Union which is not on the seller’s list of accepted modes of payment. Most of these issues can however be handled by the parties meeting each other halfway.

Scooters come in various types and with lots of benefits. Choose wisely to get what you have been looking for. Don’t fall prey to impulse buying. Research is key before you make any decision to spend.

Times come when we yearn to keep our heavy motor vehicles in parking lots for some days to enjoy an open air ride. The monotony of sitting behind the wheel in a traffic jam annoys many motorists. We all need a platform to express our confidence in motion and combat the intimidation brought about by huge fuel guzzlers. A time when we feel ready to show the world how well we can dodge in between thick road traffic consisting cabs, trucks, buses, ambulances, fire fighters and the ever notorious public transport vehicles. That is the time when nature calls for a scooter.

Many motor scooters are known for their unmatched fuel economy. Even as fuel prices keep skyrocketing, sales turn overs of motor bikes have bulged significantly. Many people now prefer these bikes on their way to and from jobs, offices, running errands like meter reading, site inspections and shopping. These bikes have now become a major source of income for young people in developing countries. You only need a very small space for parking compared to vehicles and thus a smaller parking fee.


Scooters can be classified by their size, fuel capacity, type of fuel, design, purpose and price.

a) By size

In this category, we have three types: small, medium and big. The size is a cumulative measure of length, width, weight and height. Size says how much you will need to sit on it with comfort and how much space is available to stretch your legs.

Small ones are made for young children and are designed to move around the home during leisure. They keep kids busy throughout. They are good for initial training on riding bikes in general. Kids learn how to balance a duo wheeled locomotive from a young age. They can use them indoors due to their light weight.

Medium scooters are good for children above the age of ten. This size is just enough for them to compete on clear roads. They have indicators, a horn and head light. Children can also go shopping and run short errands using them.

Big bikes are what you normally see on busy roads. They are for adults since they allow a large sitting area and enough space to spread legs. They come with a side mirror, reflectors, head lights, a horn and indicators. These have the capacity to run long errands, going to work and performing inspections in different locations. Adults can contest in races using them.

b) By fuel capacity

Small bikes have a cc of 50, 100 and 125 and are meant for kids. Medium ones have a cc of 150, 200, 250 and 300. This the type many children enjoy riding as they graduate to puberty and adulthood. Big ones will have a cc of 400, 500,600and beyond. You will always see adults riding these. Engine types will be two-stroke, four-stroke, electric and hybrid. A 49cc scooter is good for a 3 year old kid.

c) By type of fuel 

This category has three kinds; motor, electric and gas.

Motor Scooters

This type has a petrol engine for faster combustion. They keep getting more popular with experienced motorcyclists and new riders as the price of fuel continues keeps rising. It has turned to be economical in fulfilling transportation needs. Motorized pedals (mopeds) are under this class.

Electric Scooters

These have been designed to help fight air pollution caused by their motor counterparts, a big step towards reducing the greenhouse effect. They can be sub-classified into hover boards that move as you lean forward, segways that have big wheels and razors on which you sit and can move at between 15mps and 25mps. They have noise reduction enabled gear belts as well as having a durable light mainframe. They use the latest lithium ion batteries to power them on a smooth ride with two shock absorbers and a braking system for short distances.

Gas Scooters

Gas powered bikes use gas and their demand has been on the rise due to the low price of this form of fuel. They have an automatic transmission for top performance and are the easiest to maintain. You ride them as the battery charges hile some come with an extra smaller charger with an auto off ability when the battery is full. Most of them are light weight providing ease of storage. Many users are quoted praising their cost effectiveness.

d) By design

Different designs have been introduced in the market to target specific customers who have much concern in how their bikes look like. There are designs for left handed people, the physically challenged and for people with other special needs. There are also two and three wheel scooters.

Designs must also keep up with the trends-a 2010 design will be outdated while a 2017 design will be a hot cake in many cases. The Honda Silver Wing ABS 2013 design will look less classy and inferior compared to the popular Honda Metropolitan 2016 among the youth. This is because users keep changing their tastes.

Different manufactures have varying designs that define their identity. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and BMW will look different on the road even if they have the same fuel capacity.

e) By purpose

Utility is the key aspect of focus under this category. We have bikes meant for cruising, off-road, sporting, commuter, touring and adventure. Each type satisfies a different specific customer need. Sporting bikes will be involved in racing competitions, commuter types will ferry people around cities, touring varieties will be used for adventure, off-road choices will be able to pass through rough terrains comfortably while cruising types will be identified by their speed on clear roads.

f) By Price 

The amount of money you part with to own a scooter also classifies them, putting you in a certain economic class. 50cc bikes will be cheap of course but their design and purpose could make them more expensive than a 150 cc. A 2006 model will be cheaper than a 2015 make because of modernity value.

Generally, prices will have a broad range (between USD20 and USD 9000) depending on how much equipped the machines are. Gas scooters are the most expensive while motor types are most affordable. Used bikes will be even more affordable because of their high mileage and depreciation over time.


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